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The information and applications listed are for tournaments and other affiliated memberships.  Please contact your instructor or the affiliated organization for additional information. Competitiors use Daedo electronic scoring equipment. 
To affiliate with the Rochester Taekwondo Club, please use Club #6814 on your USA Taekwondo the application.

2016 NY State Taekwondo Championships yields Rochester TKD Qualifiers

 The 2016 New York State Taekwondo Championships screamed forward with a 700+ field of athletes from across the state. Our own Eli Wiegand led the pack with a 3-0 record in sparring with his first match ending in  12-0 victory. His sweat and effort cleared him for a gd metal in the 10-11 year old green belt division. Ben Rosero lost a heart breaker coming back from a 0-6 deficit in round one and charged forward with a nail biter that was just short with a 14-12 loss earning him a bronze metal. Older brother finished the pack with a 12-0 win stopped in the second round earning him a gold metal.

All competitors earned the right to advance to the nationals in July 4th weekend 2016.

Coaches Dr Timothy Wiegand and Dr Spencer Rosero coached the team with great results. Yells from the crowd cam from Rebecca Rosero, Dr. Irene Perillo and Josiah Fujimura followed by a supportive crowd from the Rosero clan.



School Winners Advance 

March 15th 2014 saw our very own Jacob Fujimura (Adult Black Belt), Spencer Rosero (Jr. Black Belt), Ben Rosero (Jr. Red Belt), Rebecca Rosero (Jr. Blue Belt) compete in the 2014 New York State Taekwondo Championships (qualifier for 2014 USA National Championships, San Jose, CA).  In some closely fought matches Jacob saw Bronze (forms) & Silver (sparring), Spencer - Gold (forms), Silver (sparring), Ben - Gold (sparring), Rebecca - Bronze (forms) and Gold (sparring). At back drop on Queens College in Flushing, NY (New York City), 1,000 athletes gathered from across the state to test their skills in the annual qualifing event that chooses athletes to advance to the nationals. During black belt sparring the "Daedo" electronic scoring system was used for the first time replacing the "Lajust" electronic system.

Ben advanced in a overtime period by beating his opponent past the 3-3 third round and scored the first point in sudden death. Jacob saw a full division in forms and was successful in presenting two forms (Taegeuk Eight & Koryo) to advance. Spencer topped the forms division by advancing past others with a superior scoring. Rebecca showed her skills in her first state event.  Both Ben and Spencer have placed at NY States twice and attended nationals last year.  Jacob has placed three times and traveled to nationals twice.

We congratulate them for their preparation, dedication and outstanding results!


Individual Membership is $35 for an annual membership.  Membership begin up acceptance and runs for 12 months.

2017 USA Taekwondo Jr Competition Rules

USA Taekwondo Individual Membership

Family membership is done directly through the USAT and also runs 12 months.

USA Taekwondo Family Membership - (Must be mailed or faxed)

Membership to the USA Taekwondo is done directly through the organization.  This is the national representative for the sport of Taekwondo (NGB - National Governing Body) and is a 501 C(3) not for profit organization.  This organization holds membership to the World Taekwondo Federation.

NY State Taekwondo Federation


The USA Taekwondo Inc. (USAT) is the national governing body for the Olympic sport of Taekwondo.  Within the state of NY, the New York State Taekwondo Federation is the current representative to the USAT.  Membership to the USAT affiliates the individual (athlete, coach, referee or supporter) with the state association.