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At the conclusion of the 2014 USA Taekwondo Championship in San Jose, California, one wonders how did this all begin?

40 Years Of Development and Growth*

2014 marked a landmark time for the USA Taekwondo (formerly called US Taekwondo Union & earlier AAU Taekwondo Union, founded as AAU Taekwondo Committee). Founded in 1974 out of a handful of Taekwondo enthusiasts, the US Taekwondo movement was pushed along by early pioneers that sacrificed time, talent and treasure to move what was a new movement to consolidate Taekwondo under one banner. It came after in 1972 the Kukkiwon was formed and the First World Championships was held there in May of 1973.

With the base philosophy of utilizing a more realistic fistic competition (70% kicking vs Karate 70% punching), full selected body contact and continuous action (vs stop action that was adopted by Karate), "Taekwondo" as a newer organized sport moved forward on all fronts (both national/USA and international/World Taekwondo Federation). Under the newly formed leadership of Dr. Ken Min, Vice Chairman Jay Hyun, Secretary-Treasurer Chuck Portnick and Technical Director Henry Cho, the new AAU Taekwondo Committee was formally recognized by the (American / USA) AAU. This let to the 1st National AAU Taekwondo Championship hosted by Dr. In Soo Hwang of Yale University which moved closer to the 2nd World Championship held in Seoul, Korea. Humble beginning of a great American Movement.

Fast forward shows a path of dozens of principled individuals both experts in Taekwondo and various support disciplines (marketing, law, supply, business) having over the years lay a path (sometimes rocky - issues with decertification and sometimes smooth- LA Olympic Surplus), that have lay the foundation for our modern US Taekwondo Movement. There are too many individual to recognize for this discussion purposes. Suffice it to say that lots have been accomplished, much has been learned, more is yet to be explored and many have yet to experience the sport of Taekwondo. Where does Taekwondo go from here? The Future is yet to be written.

2015 Austin, 4th of July week will see  the  USA Taekwondo Championships see celebrations of the past 40 years and looking forward to the next 40 years! Join us for the celebration.

*Sources From Founding of Official United States Taekwondo National Govering Body by Dr. Ken Min: United States Taekwondo Union Official Handbook (12/1984).